Winston The Raver

Half-Orc Psion


Race: half-orc

HP: 29
CON: 13
DEX: 16
INT: 18
WIS: 9
CHA: 12

FORT: 14
REF: 15
WILL: 14

Passive Insight: 15
Passive Perception: 10

Languages: Common, Giant


The aftermath of an Orc raided human village, Winston is the bastard son of a lesser Orc warrior and a peasant human widow. Constantly ridiculed for his apparent “disfigurement” Winston did not know he was half-orc until at age 16, when his mother revealed to him the truth about his parentage after he, in a blind rage, violently killed on of his aggressors.
Winston was constantly bullied throughout his life, and learned to be distrustful of everyone he met, regardless of race. He learned to detach himself from feelings of rage and of hatred by having a short living arrangement with some monks. However, he could not overcome the difference and isolation he felt with everyone else. He fled the monks, yet continued his own training. Due to the fact that he did not finish his training with the monks, he learned to hone his mind and take their teachings in a different direction. He began to train his mind and progressively became a powerful psion. He trains in hopes of controlling his violent outbursts, which have landed him in various jails, but the orc blood coursing through his veins refuses to be pushed aside. He is known to have emotional outbursts, and for going into frenzies when enraged.

Winston looks to acquire lands for his brethren, other half-orcs. He feels that half-orcs need not be tied down to either race, but become their own advanced, more genetically superior, people. He looks to create a sort of “promised land” consequently, he has spent most of his adult life as a bounty hunter to better fund his dream.

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Winston The Raver

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